Who is Pedro Morais?

My career as a professional trader is the result of two distinct courses, one as a professional in various positions in the area of ​​football and another as a bettor…

Long years of experience linked to the world of football, coaching for several clubs, including the formation of Sporting CP, several professional career management agencies of football players, and in the area of ​​Scouting (observation and capture of new talents )

Like almost the generality, I started out of curiosity with small amounts betting on Betfair.
I have been profitable since early.

By getting higher profitability with the bets, I was motivated to start by taking some time to study bets.

I started by doing simple statistical analyzes before the games.

These analyzes have proven to be very productive and have consistently delivered positive results.

Already several years of experience in sports betting, Punter and Trading.

This factor was, in fact, one of the reasons that led me to the creation of the site.

When I started I would greatly appreciate knowing that I could become a professional in an activity that is by definition leisure.

By leaving my testimony I intend to convey that living bets will not be for everyone but that it will be possible for those who possess the innate qualities, and apply with discipline the scientific method to the study of bets.

Basically the service that I have is where I share daily football betting tips, always Pre-Live and Punter.
In addition to being able to follow my betting suggestions, you will have all the information on banking management and ways to work that will help you grow in this world of sports betting.
I leave here a thanks to all those who follow me daily and those who join us.
We want to be many more and make this the best betting community.
Any more questions get in touch.

A hug
Pedro Morais