Taking care of your bankroll is the main factor that will lead you to financial success in sports betting.

Your account in the houses is like a company, and each bets an investment.

Thus, the operations you will do should always take into consideration the financial health of your “company”.

Investments that bring in big returns are most often riskier, and safer investments do not give as much return at once.

It’s like betting on combined / multiple betting for very high odds, or securing a small profit with a double-chance bet on the favorite.

Setting the second bet will always be easier than the first.

In addition to investment risk, you must manage the value of the investment.

It is not because a bet has a high chance of being a winner that we must risk / invest a large part of our bankroll.

This is because there is no investment without risk, and it is this risk that can cause your “company” to break, if you invest more than you should.
Your betting strategy should therefore be managed in a way that seeks to achieve consistent gains as well as overcome the adversities you face, such as a consecutive sequence of mistakes, which is very normal in the life of a bettor.
Here are some important tips for building your management.

Remembering that there is no fixed and obligatory value for everyone, because it depends a lot on the profile of each bettor and what he looks for:

• Set a maximum value for each bet. I recommend that the maximum be 5% of the initial bank. If your bankroll is € 100, the correct bet would be € 5.

• Update the% value each time you complete one month of work. Example: if you started with € 100 and you have reached the end with € 200, the 5% will be € 10 per bet, likewise in case you have a loss at the end of the month.

Following this path, their stay in homes will be greater than 90% of beginners, and the remaining 10% is because they instinctively do banking management.

Your chances of becoming one of the few people who make money on gambling are essentially a matter of good management.
5 tips to memorize:
1. Never bet your entire bank on a bet.
2. Do not bet without a reason.
3. Do not bet on leagues and sports you do not know.
4. Do not bet by betting. If you do not have good games and value bets one day, study the next day.
5. Beware of multiple bets, in most cases the feeling that you can win more leads to losing everything.