Common Mistakes to Avoid in Sports Betting

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After explaining how to manage a bettor’s bankroll, it’s time to talk a little bit about the frequent mistakes in sports betting, and what are the best strategies to avoid making mistakes when placing your bets online. Mistakes in sports betting are very common, especially for beginners who do not apply the basic rules of betting. Although making prognoses is a very positive starting point, it is necessary to take into account a number of other important aspects when making bets and manage a betting bank, so that in the end the results are as positive as possible. The vast majority of bettors tend not to comply with these basic rules, and for that reason, a large percentage ends up losing money on betting. If your goal is to make money from sports betting, keep in mind these frequent mistakes and what are the best ways to get around them to get victorious on your guesses.

Bet on the heart club

Regardless of which club of your heart, the truth is that the vast majority of bettors have a tendency to bet heavily on their favorite club, without looking at the odds, let alone analyzing the matches accordingly. Whether you are from Benfica, Sporting, Porto, Braga or any other club, it is necessary to take into account that betting on the heart club, as a rule, is a bad guess. When making sports bets, it is necessary to be exempt in the choices that are made, analyzing correctly the games, and realizing concretely where is the value of the bets. When an inexperienced bettor puts a good percentage of his bankroll into his favorite team, he is making a gross mistake in banking management and especially in managing betting opportunities.Although it is possible to place bets in the club of your heart, always take into account the analysis of the game, the form of teams, past meetings, statistics and all those data that are extremely important to analyze, before putting a sports bet on any club, tournament or race. If you do not, your chances of winning are greatly reduced, even by betting on your heart club!

Betting on unknown sports

Another of the most frequent mistakes in sports betting is undoubtedly betting on unknown sports and / or where you do not have enough knowledge to make safe and reliable bets. Many gamblers tend to make bets a living habit, and end up betting on sports such as American Football, Horse Racing, Football Leagues from lesser-known countries, etc., and end up doing harm in the long run. The vast majority of bookmakers such as Betfair or 1xbet, for example, offer numerous sports betting markets in dozens of different sports. However, you should have enough insight to figure out which sports you are most comfortable with, and restrict your bets to these sports, exclusively.

Betting on very low odds

untitledw3Although a low odd means there is a clear favorite to win a match, the truth is that betting on very low odds, is a tremendous risk. If we imagine, for example, that Real Madrid has an odd of 1.05 to win a particular game at home, if we bet 100EUR on the victory of the meringues and win, we will earn a profit of only 5EUR, while we are risking 100EUR, and in case of loss, we will have a great difficulty in recovering them. Surprises happen in all games, championships and tournaments, so when making your bets, always take these factors into account, to avoid betting on odds that are worthless and / or not good betting opportunities. Many gamblers make the mistake of betting on very low odds, especially on live betting, and end up doing pretty badly. If you can, avoid doing it.

Betting on favorites

Clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Juventus, etc., are usually favorites to win any of the games they play in their domestic leagues. However, the favorites have as a rule very low odds, which do not justify the investment and the risk associated with them. Many beginning gamblers make the mistake of betting on favorites, forgetting that they too fail. When a favorite fails, investment recovery is very painful.

Recover from a loss

Another of the very frequent mistakes in sports betting is the attempt to recover losses. When a bettor loses a bet, as a rule, he will try to recover the money lost in the next moment. When there is no discernment and emotional control, this type of error causes bets to be placed on games that are not known and / or not analyzed correctly, which causes new losses. The martingale method, for example, is a method that is studied to deal with situations in a calculated and mathematical way, but always with emotional control over betting and bank management. If you are going to bet to try to recover a loss, do it in full conditions and after correctly analyzing the next bet. Avoid trying to recover from a loss the next minute by betting on a result or game that at first seems interesting to you, but which it is not. Losing a lost head is never a smart solution.

Bet without thinking about bank management

Banking management strategies exist because they are actually important from the point of view of the bettor. When you comply with a betting management system, you know that at the beginning you should not bet more than 5% of the total value of your available bank, so that in case of loss, you have enough capital to continue betting and then recover from losses suffered. One of the most common mistakes in sports betting is precisely when a gambler decides to put 30%, 40% or even 80% of his bankroll in a single bet, either because he is losing his head and wants to recover from past losses, or because he considers that the bet is infallible and that with it will double the value of the bank. Regardless of the reason, you should never bet more than 5% of the value of the bank, except in very specific cases in which we are facing a Sure Bet, for example.

Play at Casino or Bingo

The vast majority of bookmakers offer sports betting services, casino games and bingo. These gaming platforms cross the same player account, which means that a bettor can invest their bankroll in the casino or even in bingo, without having to register a new account. What usually happens is that gamblers tend to visit casino and bingo games, and invest a good part of their bankroll in games of chance or luck, which invariably ends up going wrong. The big difference between casino / bingo and sports betting is that in the first case we are facing a game of chance, while in the second case, in sports betting, there is already a component of analysis and study, which can do all the difference in the final result. Therefore, avoiding gambling as much as possible is key to getting a positive betting record. 

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