Hello Gamblers!

First of all, I want to thank the many who have followed my work, both on the site and on the facebook page, as well as the hundreds of members who are active in my service (App) for another year. It has been a busy year for many years that I have as a professional gambler I can say that was one of the most challenging, because it was a year where the unpredictability that is usual in football more stood out, and I do not mean Portugal to have been European champion with a goal from Éder or Leicester have won the Premier League, I mean even in most of the games of the most diverse championships, but before taking stock of my work and the service in 2016 I will only make an introduction about several factors that many bettors are unaware of, especially the beginners / more inexperienced and determinant.

What are and how do you make money on betting?


This is a subject, unfortunately our society in Portugal is very far from the reality of sports betting, it is not the fault of the bettors but of the advertising campaigns of the bookies, either online or in television advertising, or else the biggest “cancer” the countless pages / groups on facebook and sites spread over the internet that make betting seem something affordable to everyone, something easy and quick to make money.

During this year I saw and was presented to me by many members of these sites and groups, almost in their entirety I realized that they deceive people, because they present everything that is the opposite of the reality of the life of a professional gambler and of what life is in sports betting, but we go by parts.

Being a gambler is not making money every day, not every month, being a gambler is not a pastime it is not a game, who is a professional gambler lives from sports betting, and for me as for any professional gambler this is a job, not a gambling, this factor is part of it but as it does in everything in life or in any profession, so do not believe in who promises that you will win this or that, do not believe in those who present only positive results, do not believe in profits / miraculous results, never expect bets to make quick money because a professional bettor does not work betting a day or a month but always throughout the year, whenever they see someone promising to win X quickly move away from it because none professional gambler in the world will be able to say how much they will win, because even he does not know it himself.

A professional gambler does not have a fixed salary, lives on investments, and just like any type of investment, there are risks and that is why it is very important to bet on a stock market, to be disciplined, and to keep greed out of betting, because as I mentioned the bets are a job and not a lottery or something magical where you can from day to night enrich, no one gets rich in fast bets and most will never stay, you can rather earn money consistently, and when achieves these consistent profits when he can always win in the long run, when he gets what he takes out of the bets is enough to live there can be considered a professional bettor.

Another point that many pages / sites campaign and then many immense inexperienced bettors or at a still beginner deluded level is with multiple bets, ATTENTION: NO WORKER IN THE WORLD LIVES OF SPORTS BETTING WITH MULTIPLE BETTING.

It is a tremendous mistake to want to consistently win multiple bets, the illusion of winning big at one time makes it look very lucrative and easy, but if you count the times you have already lost multiple / combined bets, even if only one game will realize that they are without profitability or reduced profitability and yes they are playing the bets, yes they are trying their luck, because that is what serves multiple bets to try their luck.

In Individual / Simple or Trading bets with only a lot of analytical work, a lot of discipline and excellent banking management, you will be able to consistently take significant profits.

This is where pages that ask you for money to give you multiple bets, get away from them too, pages that try to sell you high odds in alternative markets or that claim to have combined games, such as “FIXED”, run away, are all schemes and this does not is the reality of sports betting nor the life of a sports bettor.

I recommend everyone to stop looking at betting as a quick and easy way to make a financial return because the normal life of a bettor is almost the opposite of what is advertised on the internet / facebook, in addition to all that hide the identity behind pages / sites are not reliable, dozens of members come to my service already fed up with being cheated and mocked.

I will never and never will I promise that any bets will surely be won because this is impossible to predict, I will never say that this day, this week, or this month will make a profit because this is impossible to predict, what I do and what allows me to live betting is to long term earn consistently and with significant profits.

So I have on my website all results based on stakes of € 100 per bet since I have active service, not since I bet because I’ve been betting for many years, but so that every person that comes to my page or site see the REAL results, without any change of losses / profits, everything that is there is true when I win or when I lose I present these same results, because only then can I be contributing in a useful way to the betting society, or more or less experienced.

When I’m asked why I do this service if I get so much money on the bets, and because I do not do it for free, the answer is very simple:

This is my job, they are long hours of analysis every day, they are years of study and experience, no one works without receiving, and so I re-emphasize betting is not a pastime, it is a job for a Professional Accountant, when I started The problem is not in charging for our work, but in the immense amount of amateur bettors who set up schemes on the internet to make money with people when they do not live on the bets or get consistent results.

We need to understand and accept that no one will get rich simply and quickly in betting, but that yes it is possible to make money and live betting, and that is why I have on the website all the profits and losses of each month of every year, without hiding / changing or erasing because whoever is there today and save the image of the results can see that same image in 1.2.3 years.

To summarize this introduction, I do not mean to join my service, because that is not the purpose, I want to give you an idea of ​​the reality of sports betting, which unfortunately as I said either through people with bad faith or even our rulers push people games like the Placard almost forcing them to make combined bets because the odds are so low they do not compensate individually, knowing that they will lose more than winning and filling the coffers of the holy house




This was as I initially said a year of hard work, but a very productive year for me and for many members, but we are going to numbers to understand better:

  • In 2016 and up to the date I am writing this article are 2711 active members in the APP / Service, we are the largest community in Portugal in terms of service with members with active paid subscription, this is merit of this whole family, that is everyone those who trust in my work and seek to avenge, grow and depend on this area in the future, whom I thank immensely.
  • In 2016 more than 30 members managed to achieve independence in sports betting, thanks to the experience and knowledge they acquired through the service, and nowadays no longer in the service to pay me subscriptions and can already make money without depending on my work.
  • In 2016 APP hit number 1 in the TOP in the APP Store for both IOS and Android.
  • In 2016 we counted 8 Months of Profit and 3 Months of Prejudice, for those who started with bets of € 5, he achieved a banking increase of more than 700% and a stake increase of close to 35%.


Regarding the results that is the most important, and for those who do not know my work, focus only on 2 markets, Handicap Asitático and Probabilities (1×2), with odds between 2 and 3, always individual, always made before the game starting and never ending / using cash out in the same ones or in the field of bets are called “Pre-live Punter bets”, by working with high odds I have as a rule more lost bets than you win, but I can thus make a profit in the long run because the important thing is not the bets that you lose or the ones that win but the odds of the bets that you use, for example, I can lose 2 bets and winning one with odd of 3 or above to be without prejudice or to be null or with some profit, such can happen with 4 losses 2 win and win, 6 losses and 3 wins and profit and so on, bets should not be seen by greens or reds but by final values.
The first major goal I have in the service is therefore this, the increase of each member’s bank because the vast majority do not have enough banks to earn money, and even if they started gambling with lots of money that’s not why to win more, if you do not know how to bet, if you do not have the discipline and a good bankroll management will surely lose money, and in bets the most important mainly for those who want to increase the bankroll are the percentages.

Please note, if you have € 1000 and you open a savings account in a bank in 12 months you will receive about 1.7% interest that would result in € 17 after one year in betting and picking up on the results we got on the service starting with bets of € 5 and updating the bet amount at the end of each month, this year they obtained “interest” of around 700% and this is the important numbers in betting a bettor looks at percentages and not for money because if we have very high percentages good we know that our investment will be well applied.

And with this I go back to the starting point and decisive, the bets are not an area for easy or quick profit but a long term work, in 3 years in a bank we would have with investment of 2000 € interest of 102 € and in the service with the same banking we have results of more than 46 thousand Euros with fixed stake of 100 €, if we speak in percentage of increase of bank who initiated with bets of 5 € at the end of 3 years already is making each bet with large hundreds of euros and already has a bank of several thousands of euros, all this with a simple task of placing the bets that I publish in the application.

For those who want to see the numbers you can right here on the website in the tab results see the history, and always remember that losing and winning in bets as in football is part and the important thing is not what we lost last month, this week or today but what we will gain in the future by gathering all the months of the year.

I hope that this new year of 2017 will bring great success to all, that many more achieve independence in sports betting, in 2018 we will meet here for another balance of one year growth surely.

A big hug to everyone!
Pedro Morais