When you create an account with Neteller, you will use it as a virtual bank to deposit your money into the betting sites. And through the Net + Mastercard card, you will be able to withdraw your profits and use money in the way that you prefer.



Neteller is a secure site where you can open a free account and then transfer funds using your bank account, credit card or other method of transfer.

Steps to Create Your Neteller Account
1. Click on Neteller.
2. On the new page click “Sign up now.”
3. Fill in the requested data:
Important Note: The email that will be associated with your Neteller account must be the same email used in bookmakers.
We advise you to open the account in euros.
Click “Continue“.
4. Fill in the requested data:
Note that you should memorize the answers to the security questions.
Click “Continue“.
5. In this page you will be presented with your access data, along with the chosen password.
6. Select “Place money in my account,” the method of deposit and click “Continue“.

At Neteller you have the following methods of deposit:


I advise Multibanco since this way the money will be automatically available in your Neteller account. It is the fastest, most practical and most accessible means of storage.
There are also other options, such as credit card / MBNet deposit or “Bank Transfer”, which we advise if you do not want to deposit by Multibanco.

Rates are described on each deposit medium.

7. Verifying Your Account

Neteller asks to verify all your data before granting complete freedom to use the wallet. Do not be surprised if after your first deposit or even before, they block your account. The only reason they do it is for safety reasons.
You may be asked to write an email by sending the following documents:

  • Copy of a letter from an account (eg light / water) containing your name and address. This letter must be recent, can not be more than 3 months.


The copies must be attached to the email that must be sent to:

You can also perform the validation of your account data through the “Account” menu, choosing the “Verify Identity” option. The necessary documents can be sent through the page.