The story of João

Advised by a friend, João decides to launch himself and registers himself in the first bookmaker that he finds on the Internet. He deposits a small amount and puts almost everything on that day. The bets he has placed appear to be ‘right’, he is sure to win. He is so sure that he wants to multiply his winnings by betting on “combinations”, that is, combining several bets to increase the odds and thus increase the winnings.

Little luck, his fantastic combination of 5 games was down because of an unexpected draw. No longer having money in his player account he decides to close his Internet browser and do something else. Being sports betting too complicated for him, he gives up.

João tests the miraculous method

About a month later, he discovers a curious advertisement on the Internet “How I earn 5000 € per month by betting on the Internet”. Curious, John is registered in the bookmaker referred to in this site and experiences the strategy that seems promising. He is very happy when he discovers that he has earned twice what he deposited following this strategy. João is over excited. Already imagine buying the latest gaming console in the market thanks to what will win and thanks infinitely the webmaster of this site for this miracle. João is so excited that he decides to deposit a little more to bet even more and therefore increase his winnings.

John does not realize what happened, the method did not work that day and he lost everything! Convinced that it was just a bad move, he decides to deposit a little more to try to recover his losses. Losing again, João loses everything.

The discovery of Valuebet

Fed up with making himself fooled, Joao decides to start over seriously and tries to understand why he was deceived. Thus he discovers new mathematical concepts. You realize that you need to bet on valuebets, that it is better to analyze the betting on which he bets and above all that one should never consider a bet as certain.

From that moment on, João stagnates a little but on average wins. Never bet more than 20% of your capital on each bet and carefully analyze the bets you make.

One day when he is upset in front of his computer, John decides to provoke fate and follow a famous prognosticator in the forums of bettors. Without having had a false prognosis two weeks ago, João has every confidence in “parieurprodu75” and bets his entire balance on what the gifted prognosticator advised. Little luck for João, the “parieurprodu75” was mistaken. John has just lost all of his winnings a month ago. Revolted by this loss he decides to insult this prognosticator deeply.

João discovers surebet

What a joy! When surfing the Internet, João finds a website with an infallible method, surebet! He does a quick mental calculation and realizes that if you make only 2% of profit starting with a capital of 500 €, you will win € 2,500 in 3 months! Believing to have discovered the safe method (supported by mathematics), this one launches itself.

Unfortunately, he did not anticipate the problems inherent in Surebet. You have just deposited € 300 in Bet365, when Sportingbet has changed its quota! Surebet is no longer profitable. John concludes that he has no luck. Re-bet and puts a super surebet Tennis at 6%. Once again there is bad luck because the two bookmakers have different abandonment rules and the player A fractures the ankle. João loses 40% of its capital since bookmaker A considered his losing bet and bookmaker B only reimbursed him the initial bet.

What did you learn from this for your bets?

Here are the mistakes made by John and most sports bettors:

  • Putting all your capital into a hunch, you’re right about your choices.
  • Make bets combinations of 5 games
  • Believes in misleading advertising by crooks
  • Having won in the beginning, he considers his strategy always winning
  • Bet 20% of your stake on each bet, convinced you’re being cautious
  • It blindly follows a prognosis without evaluating whether it is appropriate. Parieurprodu75 was not to blame, John can only blame himself
  • He puts too much hope in the surebet and still believes in the lies read on the Internet

Advice to avoid João’s experiences

Choose your betting house well

Avoid small sports betting sites that do not seem to be serious.

Be wary of quota comparators that include dozens of bookmakers. Some bookmakers post exaggeratedly high odds to attract bettors and then never pay them. Stay at bookmakers with a European license and do not be tempted.

Place bets combined with fewer matches

You can place combined bets but only a few games. Try to play carefully avoiding multiple with many games. Ideally not to make combined bets but if you decide to make them, try not to make betting combinations with more than 3 games. However I re-state individual bets are the best way.

A game is NEVER won in advance

Avoid therefore including in all its combinations a certain game especially if the quota is less than 1,10. This will not earn you much more but it could make you lose a lot 😉

Follow very strict accounting of your bets

So you have a real sense of accumulating your benefits and your losses. Also avoid fantastical bets. Bet above all in valuebet.

Avoid “fullbank” bets in one game

“Go or break”. Bookmakers usually earn money because of this type of behavior. The maximum bet on a single online bet must not exceed 10% of your balance. Sound management of your capital requires that you not wager more than 5% of your capital.

Be very patient and do not try to recover after a loss

One must consider the money invested in betting as lost even before it has been played. Do not think about betting on games where the result has already been played before. An already qualified team will not do the same! The same for the matches of the cup (namely Coupe de la Ligue). Certain teams prefer to play the CFA team because they want to privilege the championship course.

Avoid fantasist strategies found on the Internet

Some crooks try to convince him of miraculous methods by trying to be experienced players. It is very simple, there is no miracle method. Forget about climbs that may not make you lose often but can be very dangerous if you fall into a bad series. A raise consists of doubling your bet at every loss.