Betclic,, 1xBet, Pinnacle, Betrally bets are just some of the various betting sites out there.

These sites, also known as “bookmakers”, are companies that offer their customers quotes of various sports.

These quotations can be called “odds” or simply quotas, and according to the probability of each event they may be higher or lower.

Efetuar a sua aposta

To better understand what these “Odds” are, watch the following game:


Odds offered by a betting site for the Corinthians x Grêmio game.

According to the analysis of the betting website, Corinthians is slightly favorite to win this match, and is paying 2 Euros for every 1 Euro that you bet, the draw are paying 3.25 and finally 3.40 for the win of Grêmio.

But what do these numbers actually mean?

What are the odds and what do they serve in the betting?

These numbers you saw are the odds, and they work as multipliers.

If you bet 100 Euros on Corinthians (odds 2.00) and he won, in the end you would get 200 Euros in all: after all 100 multiplied by 2 is 200.

And the profit of this bet would be 100 Euros, because of the 200 Euros won, 100 Euros were already yours, therefore:


Ao apostar no Corinthians, os seus €100 são multiplicados pelas odds de 2.00 caso ele vença. Assim, você ficará com €200.
€200 ganhos (aposta de 100 euros em odds 2.00) – €100 investidos (o valor da sua aposta) = €100 de Lucro

When you bet on Corinthians, your €100 is multiplied by the odds of 2.00 if it wins. So you will get € 200.
€ 200 winnings (bet of 100 euros in odds 2.00) – €100 invested (the value of your bet) = €100 of Profit

The more likely a result is, the lower your odds and
consequently the lower your profits if you win. In
counterpart, the more unlikely a result is, the greater the
your odds and the greater your profits if your bet wins.

You’ll understand this better by watching the Liverpool vs Birmingham game of the English League:


Notice how the Liverpool Odds (1.25) are low compared to the Birmingham Odds (10.00).


That’s because Liverpool are playing at home and have a team considered far superior to Birmingham, so Liverpool’s chances of winning this game are much greater than that of being defeated.

Let’s say you decide to bet 100 Euros in that game. If you bet 100 Euros on Liverpool, and you win the match, you will have 125 Euros in total (€ 100 bets x 1.25 Odds = € 125), your profit will be 25 Euros (€ 125 winnings – € 100 bets = € 25 ).

Now, if you decide to bet the same 100 Euros in Birmingham, and win, you will have a balance of 1,000 Euros (€ 100 bets x 10.00 odds = € 1000).